River Valley High School Athletics

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River Valley High School Athletic Mission Statement

The River Valley High School Athletic Department’s mission is to incorporate principles and values that provide building standards that drive student athletes toward success through developing good character and sportsmanship on and off the fields, the courts, the mats, the track, and the sand.  River Valley High School student athletes will be encouraged to build within the core values that are being represented on a daily basis through instruction that enhances character, self-discipline, respect, commitment, being a team player, and safety.  River Valley High School Athletics Department strives to afford all students the opportunity to participate in a sporting environment that provides positive experiences through a display of our core values, sportsmanship, and school spirit.  Our goal is to build a unified and winning athletic program that strives for excellence through all personal, team, academic, and athletic endeavors.

River Valley High School Core Values:  These core values reflect the RVHS Athletic Department’s Mission Statement.

  • Character

  • Always demonstrate honesty, trustworthiness, and loyalty

  • Be a good role model

  • Make good choices

  • Have good attitude-YOU are in charge of your attitude  

  • Don’t make excuses

  • Show confidence and good self-esteem 

  • Commitment

  • Be Responsible 

  • Take ownership

  • Promote your team inside and outside of school

  • Promote and encourage all positive impacts and hard work

  • Become a good peer, mentor, and leader

  • Respect 

  • Recognize all of the hard work and values that others show through their contributions

  • Embrace diversity and appreciate differences

  • Be positive in how you represent the school, community, and your team

  • Self-Discipline

  • Stay away from distractions

  • Academics is a student athlete’s first priority (student always comes before athlete)

  • Make positive sacrifices

  • Be accountable

  • Make good choices

  • Team Player

  • Be a good communicator

  • Be a good listener

  • Be a part of the team 

  • Respect others

  • Be reliable

  • Show up and be committed

  • Safety

  • All coaches promote and follow state and school safety regulations, policies and procedures

  • All student athletes will promote and follow the responsibilities and expectations set forth  in the Colorado River Union High School District Student and Parent Handbook

River Valley High School Message to our Parents, Guardians, Community, and Spectators

River Valley High School is a member of the Arizona Interscholastic Association and is committed to providing a positive environment for our student athletes, coaches, and spectators.  Athletics is a part of the RVHS environment and experience where respect, fairness, core values and good citizenship are employed.  As a spectator and supporter of RVHS athletics throughout the school year and seasons please keep in mind that the emphasis of high school athletics is about friendly competition and sportsmanship.  River Valley High School discourages negative comments such as taunting and booing the opponents and/or the officials. This is not appropriate and impairs the core values that we are seeking to instill in our student athletes.

River Valley High School Expectations for Parent or Guardian of Student Athletes

  • Understand that academics is a priority above athletics  

  • Be positive and acknowledge all of the benefits participating in high school athletics has to offer.

  • Insist that your child understands and abides by all rules and expectations, policies, and team rules that are applied by the RVHS Athletic Department.

  • Always encourage fair play

  • Respect the coaches regarding strategy, playing status of your child, and playing time.

  • Avoid coaching from the stands and sidelines during both games and practices.

  • Ensure that your child attends all contests and practices, and are picked up from all events at the designated times.